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Individual and Collective Consciousness

Every Moment Is Perfect In Its Own Way.

Your State of Being Drives Your Way of Doing

No matter how paradoxical it may seem...

Perfection as a living experience is available to any of us, any time... anywhere!

Let us show you how in our book.

Some of the Endorsements

Awaken Perfection Book


Wippich and Brattain are evolutionaries with attitude! They put under the microscope our current spiritual, societal, scientific and political views in the context of a future evolutionary jump we are fully empowered to co-create. With a mix of neuroscientists, futurists, and spiritual practitioners, and their own their own personal explorations, they speak to humanity’s cosmic significance.

~ Michael Bernard Beckwith, Author of Spiritual Liberation

Deeply Awakening

This book both challenges and gives. It challenges us to awaken from our sense of dissatisfaction with everything around us, which keeps us in a sad state as if the Buddha's first noble truth, the suffering of being unawake, was the only one. And it gives us encouragement that we can so awaken, that the third noble truth, the nirvana of awakening, is our right and duty as lucky human beings. I recommend taking up this challenge, reading this book, and savoring even a hint of the taste of nirvana.

~ Robert A.F. Thurman, Ph.D., Professor of Indo-Tibetan Studies, Columbia University; Co-Founder, Tibet House

Awaken Perfection Book

A New Map of Existence

The authors have here presented us with a powerful new map of human existence to help us chart an enlightened course into the future. Theology, philosophy, art, technology, politics and economics are brought together into a shimmering portrait of both our past and our potential that is integral, mystical, scientifically sound and profoundly positive. The authors join the ranks of an elite cadre of contemporary spiritual thinkers who are bravely venturing forth, out to the emergent edges of awakened consciousness, to bring back word of the plan and the perfection that is at the heart of it all.

~ Craig Hamilton,  Founder of Integral Enlightenment and Academy for Evolutionaries; Former Senior Editor, What Is Enlightenment?


President, The Dalai Lama Foundation

The book you now hold in your hands, view on your screens or hear on your speakers is a wonderful exploration of our individual and collective PERFECTION, a transformed vision of our past, present and future, a state akin to the classic enlightenment of the Buddhists. Its story goes well beyond our various faith traditions to unveil the underlying unity of all humanity, that divine aspect of ourselves that could take a lifetime to discover. It addresses our ultimate questions, skillfully pointing the direction to their intriguing answers.

The authors, Audrone Wippich and Phil Brattain, show us how the state of perfection is already within us, that it lies in our very being, in a whole new way of seeing, rather than in an endless cycle of doing or ever trying harder and harder. Surprisingly, it is ever available to us. They connect us both to the world’s wisdom traditions and to the reality of our collective environment today, a globalized world and an increasingly endangered planet. They suggest that the latest advances in technology, far from diminishing our humanity, confirm the unique potential and mystery of being human.

Whether we hold it as the Supreme Being or primarily as the Supreme Force within the Universe, we are intimately connected to that Transcendent Mystery, even if we cannot bring ourselves to admit it. Others might see it as the ultimate nature of things, the force that mysteriously caused the Big Bang and the vast expanse of space and time, form and emptiness, as we know it, or even unknown universes we all have yet to explore. Rather than being a simple rehash of ancient truths and philosophical ideas that have sustained us through the ages, it explores the relevance of our everyday experience as real human beings, how we emerged from the traditional world into the modern. From there, the authors prepare us for the next planetary phase of human consciousness, the burst of transformation opening up the planet and humanity to infinite possibility.

“What makes you so sure that we are actually entering a new global age?” you might ask. My direct knowledge and life experience as a Tibetan attests to that. My own people, on the verge of being utterly overwhelmed and engulfed within a much larger entity, actually survived against all odds and the stringent test of time. Collective cultural identity has invented new ways to overcome the traditional onslaught of subjugation and outwardly imposed change. The emergence of high technology with a consequent explosion in knowledge has made all that possible.

Our ultimate representative, His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, born in a tiny village in a remote corner of the Tibetan plateau, has become a truly global figure. Even more, he has been able to demonstrate in both word and action the relevance and richness of an ancient tradition. He shows how that very tradition can play in concert with our post-modern world and its advanced technology to address humanity’s deeper needs. Science need not clash with spirituality, as there is much that the ancient world still has to offer to our emerging planetary civilization.

The Tibetan story of the last fifty years is, in itself, a journey of conscious revelation. Awaken Perfection reveals complementary developments that reinforce the theme. If you are at a point where you consciously want to transform your old disempowering perspective, this guide to the new Planetary Age before us will empower you to make your own journey into the ultimate fulfillment we call enlightenment.

Tenzin N. Tethong

Tenzin N. Tethong

President, The Dalai Lama Foundation

Chair, Committee of 100 for Tibet

Distinguished Fellow, Tibetan Studies Initiative

Ho Center for Buddhist Studies, Stanford University

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