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Awaken Perfection

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Awaken Perfection is a seminal book, posing the challenge of our critical times and giving meaningful answers.

Ervin Laszlo, Ph.D.

Founder, Club of Budapest; Co-Founder, WorldShift | Nominated Twice for the Nobel Peace Prize

Wippich and Brattain are evolutionaries with attitude! They put under the microscope our current spiritual, societal, scientific and political views in the context of a future evolutionary jump we are fully empowered to co-create. With a mix of neuroscientists, futurists, and spiritual practitioners, and their own their own personal explorations, they speak to humanity’s cosmic significance.

Michael Bernard Beckwith

Author of Spiritual Liberation

This book both challenges and gives. It challenges us to awaken from our sense of dissatisfaction with everything around us, which keeps us in a sad state as if the Buddha's first noble truth, the suffering of being unawake, was the only one. And it gives us encouragement that we can so awaken, that the third noble truth, the nirvana of awakening, is our right and duty as lucky human beings. I recommend taking up this challenge, reading this book, and savoring even a hint of the taste of nirvana.

Robert A.F. Thurman, Ph.D.

Professor of Indo-Tibetan Studies, Columbia University | Co-Founder, Tibet House 

The authors have here presented us with a powerful new map of human existence to help us chart an enlightened course into the future. Theology, philosophy, art, technology, politics and economics are brought together into a shimmering portrait of both our past and our potential that is integral, mystical, scientifically sound and profoundly positive. The authors join the ranks of an elite cadre of contemporary spiritual thinkers who are bravely venturing forth, out to the emergent edges of awakened consciousness, to bring back word of the plan and the perfection that is at the heart of it all.

Craig Hamilton

Founder of Integral Enlightenment and Academy for Evolutionaries | Former Senior Editor, What Is Enlightenment? 

I often wondered how our human society, so mired in materialism, greed, selfishness and all the attendant ills that are an integral part of these negative attitudes, can stop the madness of violence that is destroying the core of our being. My grandfather, Mohandas K. Gandhi, once enumerated what he called the Seven Social Sins that are destroying the world. They are:

1. Wealth without Work

2. Pleasure without Conscience

3. Commerce without Morality

4. Science without Humanity

5. Knowledge without Character

6. Worship without Sacrifice

7. Politics without Principles

My recent contribution to this list is: Rights without Responsibilities. In Awaken Perfection, the authors, Audrone Wippich and Phil Brattain, have attempted to answer some of these issues. I am impressed by the way they have attempted to synthesize spirituality, technology and economics and opened yet another avenue for reflection and possible assimilation.

That societies around the globe need to change if we are to avert a disaster is obvious. This can, however, only come about with a better understanding and interpretation of our spiritual beliefs and the sincere internalization of those lessons so that we can create understanding and relationships between people based on mutual respect, love, compassion and acceptance. This book serves as a road map.

Dr. Arun Gandhi

President, Gandhi Worldwide Education Society, USA | http://www.gandhiforchildren.org and http://www.arungandhi.org


The authors embrace the bold challenge of articulating a new meta-narrative for humanity. Recognizing that we live in an interdependent world system and that we need to evolve our consciousness towards a planetary or cosmic perspective, they make an inspiring case for bringing together the mystical and the rational, Western humanism and Eastern enlightenment. For all who wish to be uplifted by a refreshingly broad perspective, read Awaken Perfection and experience the power of meta-narrative to transform our view on our past and on our as yet to be created future.

Andrew Cohen

Founder of EnlightenNext and Author of Living Enlightenment

Awaken Perfection offers a fresh perspective on the current cluster of crises we face and the paradigm shift that will resolve them. I like it, and if you have been thinking through the implications of what many call the “New Age,” so will you. I highly recommend it.

Amit Goswami, Ph.D.

Quantum Physicist | Author of The Self-Aware Universe, God is not Dead and Creative Evolution


A soulful call for awakening hearts and minds to the co-creative process in a planet-conscious age. The authors’ acknowledgement of the celebration of life within the complexities of post-modern society point us to what Sufis have always regarded as the state of Tawhid, the unity where truth is not learned but discovered in how we might be directed to see the manuscript of the God written in nature. Written in accessible style, this is a must read for all those interested in collective transformation.

Ana Chisti-Perez, Ph.D.

Professor, Institute of Transpersonal Studies | National Representative for the Sufi Movement International US

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